TH Digital Guide dissemination event in Spain

In the beginning of September, 2019, Francesco Ruberto, President of Asociación PROJUVEN and Tackle Hate project manager from Spain, had the opportunity to present the Tackle Hate Digital Guide to youth workers and volunteers from the community. Youngsters were introduced to the general idea of the project, its results and desire impact that this strategic partnership aims to achieve.

During the workshop, Francesco Ruberto shared with the youth several good practice from different country related to hate speech topic that partners included also in the Tackle Hate Digital Guide as well as he organized some non-formal games that help participants understand better the importance of tackling hate offline and online. He also presented them several educational resources that can be used with young people for purposes of tackling hate speech as well as related themes, such as racism and intolerance, and for creating the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the creation of a human rights culture which has no space for hate speech, either online or offline.


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