Tackle Hate Survey on Online Hate Speech

Welcome to Tackle Hate Survey

TACKLE HATE is a 20 months Strategic Partnership project under KA2 of Erasmus+ program. It aims to promote high-quality youth work and provide youth workers all the necessary knowledge and tools on online hate speech against migrants and refugees, and improve the preventative capabilities of youth workers by producing tailored responses and counter-narratives. The survey will help us understand the needs of youth workers when they face/deal with (online) hate speech so that we could design better the E-learning courses that will be implemented by the consortium. Also we aim to :

– understand the knowledge that youth workers have about Hate Speech

– be aware if they have ever tried to deal with Hate Speech and if yes, using with methods/tools

– If youth workers have enough tools/methods to effectively deal or prevent hate speech

– If not what is missing

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