“Participatory Storytelling Night” – Amsterdam, Netherlands

On 5th of April, 2019, CAAT PROJECTS organized a event called “Participatory Storytelling Night”. The event took place in OT301, Amsterdam and gathered young people from the local community.

Participatory storytelling is a different way to tell stories because the public can choose the direction the story will take. The public was divided into two groups, and each group represented a country. The story starts and each country need to take important decisions about the requests for accepting refugees from the “world of Atlantis” and, in positive case, their policies for integration. The story has some twists to make the choices challenging an we hold an important debriefing to promote a healthy reflection on the events happening on the “real world”. More than 15 people had join them this evening and a new group has been created to build a participatory storytelling for climate change!


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