E-learning courses dissemination in Málaga

In the framework of the project Tackle Hate, on 24th of January 2019, Asociación Projuven, presented the Tackle Hate Moodle Platform and e-learning courses to a group of local youth workers in Malaga, Spain.

Tackle Hate MOODLE platform consists of the following modules:

Module 1 – Hate Speech definition. Specific case of refugees as victims of hate speech. Counter Alternatives. Human Rights Education.
Module 2 – European and national legislation and policies. Good examples of internal policies.
Module 3 – Youth workers key competencies and tools to develop those. Social media literacy.
Module 4 – Motivating young people to proactively contribute for a Hate Free community. Campaigning and other tools.

The dissemination event ended up as always with a presentation of the Erasmus plus programme and all its opportunities for international mobility for young people.

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